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Promoting Products on Amazon & Flipkart

Coming up with a new service or a product is a lot of work, which does not stop once it is ready - launching and promoting it is the next half of the equation.You could be offering the best product around, but if the product is not promoted properly, youโ€™re on the verge of missing out on opportunities or also end up losing money.

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Promoting Products on Amazon & Flipkart

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When it is about promoting a new product or service for your business, it might seem like there are limitless options. It can be hard to understand where to get started and which means of promotion will provide you the best results.Online marketplaces permit you to sell goods without invention of your own online store. Selling through online marketplaces offers a flexible business opportunity with comparatively low start-up costs. Amazon & Flipkart are examples of well-established marketplaces.

Amazon & Flipkart, both are India's most visited online shopping marketplaces in India and more customers than ever rely on Amazon& Flipkart for online shopping. With orders from more than 100% serviceable pin-codes, Amazon& Flipkart have turned out to be the online destination for small as well as medium sized enterprises.

The largest household brands sell on Amazon and so do the emerging brands that would pop on your radar soon. Small and medium-sized companies or businesses thrive here, and they account for more than half the units sold on Amazon globally. Whatever your business is and whatever size it is - we are excited to grow your business here by promoting your products on Amazon & Flipkart. Find your fit and begin to sell today.

Best ways to promote a new service or product-

Rather than just announcing your new product, you can make it accessible as part of a special opening deal. This deal can take many forms, comprising:

Important Features:
  • Discounted pricing.
  • Reduced-rate package.
  • Joint promotion with a complementary business.
  • Coupon or voucher with purchase.
  • Buy one and get one free deal.
  • Double the points when you have a loyalty program.
  • Free gift for each referral.

Selling through online marketplaces

The potential advantages to be gained by joining an online market will differ between industries and businesses, and certainly between buyers and sellers.

Benefits of online marketplaces for your business:
  • It provides an additional channel to the market and sell your products.
  • The platform offers less marketing costs if compared to other sales channels.
  • It allows new prospects for overseas sales.
  • Being part of a well-known online marketplace offers a level of trust between you and the buyer.
  • Unbiased reviews of your products might give new customers the assurance to buy.
  • They provide a better transparency - availability, costs and stock levels are accessible in an open environment.
  • It is likely to operate a 24/7 - time restrictions and difficulties with varying global trading hours are removed.


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