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Retail & Ecommerce

Our Expertise

With the changing times, the global retail and e-commerce market size is expected to grow enormously cycling from 2020 to 2027. The industry expected to grow at CAGR of 9.4% with majority of the professionals and companies dwelling into sector putting their eyes on the digital landscape. To state in words, there are many organizations, companies, and professionals dealing into the sector working with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to provide an immersive customer experience. We at RAZORSE do exactly the same! We provide you thoughtful software solutions catering to the unique needs of your retail and ecommerce business. This will help you fight the common challenges of the industry including the tough market competition, finding the right market, order fulfillment, visitor conversion, and customer experiences.

E-Commerce Strategy and Execution

The current era of digitization experiences more of online shopping. This calls for a thoughtful e-commerce strategy and execution to ensure that a business gains maximum return on investment. The same trend we follow, keeping in mind your business value and organizational goals. In the process we put all our efforts in identifying an appropriate technology to partner your success and executing the same to integrate with your business operations. RAZORSE has a team of dignified and expert IT professionals who collaboratively work to create innovative e-commerce strategy. The thoughtfully designed strategies are further executed to put in under intelligent plans to design store portals, manage operations, and improve collaborations.

Important Features:
  • User-Friendly, Customized, and Functionally-Rich Portals
  • Easy Way Out to Reach Your Target Customers
  • Helps Improve Collaboration
  • Works to Manage Inventory across Stores
  • Centralize and Manage Shipping Orders
  • Helps Improve Customer Engagement
  • Effective Handling of Marketing Initiatives
  • Security Management of Your Finances
  • Faster & Easy Transactions with e-Wallets
  • Integration with ERP

Loyalty Application

Customers become faithful to a brand when all the products or services have the defined quality standards, competitive price tags, and delivery commitments. Another way that improves customer loyalty towards a brand is through an amazing experience of providing the loyalty program. Here, we at RAZORSE come to action. We create the most reliable loyalty applications to fit your business for the next-level customer engagement. We flawlessly work to integrate various programs like discounts, rebates, free merchandize, coupons, and rewards to the application with intelligent management of data and the cycle of operating the loyalty program schedules. This, in turn, helps to align your business operations with profitable industry segments.

Important Features:
  • Easy Storage and Management of Customer Data
  • Automates the Customer Loyalty Program
  • Customers Get Location-Based Push Notification
  • Tier-Based Rewards and Instant Incentives for Customers
  • Customization of Offers and Discounts
  • Easy Way Out to Retain Existing and Acquire New Customers
  • Ease and Benefit of Cross-Vendor Promotions

Sales Forecasting and Customer Analysis

RAZORSE is a leading provider of technology based solutions for retail and ecommerce sector. Our teams are always ready in form and function to help your get the most meaningful data insights for sales forecasting and customer analysis. From storing, managing, and evaluating the data to creating an expert digital marketing campaign, we work with you through all the stages. Based on the insights, we help you plan your products, services, and campaigns with a shared objective to improve customer satisfaction. We do understand the role of customers in your business and hence do we leverage the power of technologies like IoT, AI, AR, and VR to bring out the best within your business.

Important Features:
  • Point of Sale (POS) Real-Time Analytics
  • Analyze Customer Transaction Patterns
  • Learn Customer's Feedback
  • Effective Social Media Interactions
  • Plan an Appropriate Campaign for the Right Audience at the Right Time
  • Multidimensional Analysis of Pricing Behavior across Different Channels


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