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Slim & Elega

Developing applications for kiosks comes with unique challenges. While browsing on the web using a PC is far easier and more personal, a kiosk offers less privacy but quicker user demand fulfillment. No doubt, when companies go out to market themselves or wish to stay in touch with their stakeholders, they always opt for kiosks. Even though the challenges are many, we ensure that the RAZORSE kiosk applications overcome them all and fulfill all your demands.

Our primary focus while developing kiosk applications is a beautiful user interface. We understand that the attention span of people using kiosks is very small and they are looking for quick and easy solutions. Therefore, we design applications that are not only exceedingly simple but also very beautiful and natural. We also keep the content simple and easy to understand.

All RAZORSE kiosk applications have been designed to keep the kiosk and its data secure. We follow high-end security guidelines to ensure that the user data is completely safe from prying eyes. Our applications work with numerous kiosk devices and can be set up very easily as well. We can also turn popular web applications into kiosk applications or design fully customized kiosk application for a different user experience.